To begin. Red flags popping up on several fronts.

To begin. Red flags popping up on several fronts.

Rick Floyd CEO has said to me “John you have no recourse or remedy”

I think he is mistaken and think others will see that as well.

I stand to be corrected if wrong.

When I asked for the postal address of Credits LLC he did not refer me to the website as it listed there but sent it over CRISP. It was off by one digit, was it an error or was it to frustrate my “little spy game” as he characterized questions that where asked of him over Crisp chat and email relay. He apologized after I wrote to his director about his insubordinate CEO Rick Floyd.

Rick said “people there” gave it to him and he copied and pasted it to me. Obvious red flags.

I then called Geoff Williams and had a frank and honest conversation with him. I want to say that in my estimation he has been honest in his words and in his written communication with me but for the record he has not given me any thing that substantiates his claims or to support my belief.

What has transpired with credits and some might say what has been perpetrated by credits is no laughing matter and I am not playing games and believing Geoff’s reports up to now on a whim I can only hope this will have been wise.

I believe him and have encouraged him to come here and share with us what he can. If I could cite him with out using names I would (or any one for that matter) but I cannot cite a phantom person and not make the clear connection that whom I am writing about is in fact the selfsame person as is already advertised and has been advertised for some months on the website and on Linkedin Inc. ect.

I spoke with an agent of the Denver FBI today on the phone.

via Denver Office:

8000 East 36th Avenue

Denver, CO 80238

(303) 629-7171

The agent took my information and documented my report and specifically advised us on how to proceed and what parts of my report to her to include as well as for ic3 in her referral of us to them. I have to submit some details and then I should have a casefile # (I think that is the way it goes)

I told her on the recorded call that I was auth to speak for two others. The agent advised me based on my initial reporting that I should tell them to make a report as well separately.

When I asked her if it was her advisement to me / them as well then is that her advisement for the public as well?

I said as I have told others I would report my actions to them publicly and for the record I would be relaying her advisement on this sub reddit (that until yesterday was linked to from

She said anyone who sent them money and has not received what was advertised to be certain to include that information in your individual reports. She said the more reports the more weight it will carry.

She was clear and said to go to

(Complaints: and there forward your information.

Site Credits LLC (Credits Colorado Limited Liability Company Entity ID # 20171651365 )

The key part is how and how much did you give, and did you get what you invested in or did you get what you purchased namely a cryptocurrency that you can buy, sell, and exchange and is supported by green energy and you have access to a payment gateway to cash out to fiat via linked up bank accounts.

You can call the Denver office but the appropriate division there has my recording agents report I would imagine have the correct particulars given to them or will get it some time soon. The Denver field office is aware of what is going on.

The report form @ needs to have cited re the money you sent: to whom / where, how, and for what.

I asked her if investment / purchases via paypal and bank wires over federal / state lines only apply or is it that and crypto as well. Good news! She said crypto as well, the FBI is not going to ignore the value of your transaction as reported even if it is in crypto.

Note: I did not ask her about payments made in negotiable instruments but obviously those apply!

My call lasted over an hour (I have a recording of it and known and trusted associates can contact me privately regarding the .mp3 – The original agent operator who answered the phone heard what I had to say briefly and said OK please hold and forwarded me to an agent that was ready to write down the specifics and my concerns in what I am presuming is on a paper or computer file. I apologized for my rambling and for her bearing with me she she transcribed my report. LOL

I went down a list. The following is the same list I shared with those @ Credits. I did not communicate all of it and it is noted in the list below.

I started with my report with the issue of the alleged CFO and my conversation with him yesterday as well as my limited contact / chats I have had with them. Geoff up until yesterday was not nor ever was the CFO! (Let that sink in… )

I said “I am confident he has not cut one cheque” and I believe he had nothing to do with the handling of investors money. I told the agent that when I contacted Geoff to see how he was settling in as CFO that he reported to me that he had declined to take on the role after it was brought to his attention L.M.I.’s arrest a few months back and that on or about that time communicated this to them.

Two weeks or so ago Geoff wrote me:

“Hey John, thanks for reaching out. I stepped down from the position, but i have a qualified candidate to replace that position if it still needs to be filled”

Note: Based on yesterdays phone call my understanding is when he said stepped down what he meant was he declined to assume the CFO position that was offered to him ergo not ever employed by Credits LLC.

^^This fact is a material fact. A fact which, if known, would have affected the judgment of one or more of the parties to a transaction. That Credits LLC has been holding out that Credits LLC had a CFO with a fiduciary responsibility / role with in the company and that to the public it is of sufficient importance to the matter of a decision to invest or purchase in Credits LLC in that a reasonable person would have been likely to rely on this knowledge before investing or transacting with Credits LLC!

I also said although I believed him not to be willing complicit in miss-leading investors / public I had no concrete idea why Geoff did not know his image, name and linked in account was in use for months and him not having any knowledge of it. As was reported to me by Geoff.

She then asked me if I was reporting fraud.

I said that is not up for me to determine and I would be relying on the report to be investigated and they could or what ever agency or court / (DA) they refer it to should determine that. I also told here that I would provide my IP address and I have tried to use the SEC website to report these activities and attempted to submit the report to them three times and got a 403 server error each time and to please include that in the written report.

I was put on hold briefly right after I said that and the agent came back on line and coached me on what specific information I need to reveal to them and reminded me the call was being recorded, the agent explained she was trying to write it down as best she can. I too let them know the call was being recorded and I apologized for rambling so fast and not sticking to the finical facts which is what she was suggesting at that point we get to. The gist of it is I am reporting as an investor.

(sub text: not as advisor or party to Credits LLC. It was very nice to hear that she did not advise me to report my role as advisor just stick to reporting specifics about the money I / we invested or how and much was spent on even purchasing Cred Cx cryptocurrency. (did you catch that invested or purchased!)

Now The “issues and facts” as shared to Fair Trade LLC / Credits LLC, the FBI and attempted reporting to the SEC.

Issues and facts:

Credits LLC does not hold the Trademark to “Credits” (as was initially advertised as having…)

—>Credits LLC is and has been the whole time without a CFO.

There is no evidence of KYC protocols used. <—- I did not report that orally.

There is no evidence you have sought legal advisement regarding applicable state and federal laws regarding the ICO of Credits LLC. <—- I did not report that orally but made it very clear I had advised that from day one!.

There has been no disclosure of the amounts raised in any / all phases of Credits LLC’s Pre ICO / ICO / Crowdsales.

—>There is no evidence that any blockchain code work has been accomplished and it is fit for audit, review or testing by the the community. No gihub updates, no proof of work or proof of concept, no off app auth network, no mining pool, Mobile miner, blockchain wallets, etc Nothing that constitutes a viable verifiable working blockchain. (<—- Nothing in return for that which we invested in or purchased namely a cryptocurrency backed by green energy projects. Remember the apps and website accounts are free and do not constitute a paid for product or a service delivered or rendered as advertised and paid for.)

—>There is no evidence of an ecosystem

—-> There is no evidence of a payment gateway to cash out to fiat or work has been done towards that aim.

—->There is no evidence of investment in a 25(XX) Solar Project in the State of Denver.

There is no evidence of Credits LLC having acquired any business licenses as they pertain to any green energy endeavours and or any / all aspects of your enterprise. <—- I did not report that orally.

There is no evidence of Credits LLC attempting to fix their affiliate system or making sure Affiliates receive credits for the confirmed paid business brought to Credits. <— for the record I forgot to mention this on the report <—- I did not report that orally.

There is no evidence of good will or transparency with the investing public, numerous people over various online chats and social media have asked questions to which there has been no response and or no verifiable answers offered. <—- I did not report that orally other than they have demonstrably been not transparent.

—>The prospectus aka whitepaper and website has changed several times after people had invested based on the information of the previous prospectus significantly changing the nature and scope of the project when funds had already been committed based on previous information.


These are the kickers and are key to the reporting:

You / We sent XXXX amount of money and it was delivered to Credits LLC or its CEO’s / executives via this way PayPal, Bankwire, Cash, Cheque / Check, Money order, Bank draft etc. or payments made in the form of crypto currency.

You / We have not received a cryotocurrency from Credits LLC that we can buy, sell or exchange on any open market or an “ecosystem”.

You / We have not received access to a payment gateway to link up a bank account and cash out to fiat on the apps, the webwallet, or an exchange! This would have been the job and duty of The CFO!

Credits LLC is and has been the whole time without a CFO. The person who Credits purports to be fiscally responsible for the finances of Credits LLC’s is and was not truth and should have been fully disclosed before any investment or purchase was made. They willing held out to the public that Geoff Williams was in deed the CFO and we would benefit from this.

They promoted his role! From the website “Masters in Finance. ​Geoff lives and breathes finance, it’s in his blood. He’s been involved in various successful projects from door to door sales to eCommerce. Proving he has the experience to take Credits to the next level.”

^^It can not be misconstrued that Credits LLC fully intended the public to understand this as a fact and he was an active part of operations and integral to its success!

You / We have not seen our investment and purchases invested in a green energy project delivering revenue and producing value for our credits cryptocurrency. We have seen no such advertised benefits or received any paid for product!

As there is no cryptocurrency there is no ecosytem as advertised as a benefit from investing in Credits LLC’s cryptocurrency, there is no evidence the environment or any charities have derived a benefit from out investments and purchases.

no off app auth network, no mining pool, Mobile miner, blockchain wallets, etc Nothing that constitutes a viable verifiable working blockchain.

Nothing has been delivered as is advertised and said to solicit investment and purchases!


The following posts on this thread are some thoughts and opinions

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