Looks like https://credits.energy is offline.

Looks like https://credits.energy is offline.

Is That Website Down, or Is It Just You?… IT IS DOWN!

Looks like https://credits.energy is offline.

Source: https://down.com/?q=https%3A%2F%2Fcredits.energy%2F%20

The site has been “Dark” for hours.

A now deleted tweets said to expect some downtime due to maintenance:

“We are doing site maintenance and integrating an easier way to pay with crypto. Therefore if the site appears down, it will be up shortly. Thank you. Source: https://twitter.com/creditsenergy/status/1026731834695135232 “

That tweet was see approx 12 Hours ago and noted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CreditsCryptocurrency/comments/94pdq0/credits_cryptocurrency_cred_cx_july_august/e3rctix/

If you use non https in the chrome browser address bar the request just hangs and no https will display a godaddy park domain page…

Is this a permanent going dark?

DNSreport Results for credits.energy

PDF DNS report_credits.energy


Looks like https://credits.energy is offline. from r/CreditsCryptocurrency

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  1. Last known report included this:

    Re Maintenance tweet: “Therefore if the site appears down, it will be up shortly”
    August 7th 2018

    The above is from a now deleted tweet.

    It appears down, Down.com reports that as well.

  2. Does anyone else notice the change in the twitters account name?

    It says “CRED Cryptocurrency @creditsenergy

    No longer Credits CryptoCurrency

    Looks like there was a change back to an older Cred symbol for the twitter profile pic.

    Could be that credits . energy is going to redirect to a new domain and perhaps information about an acquisition, product, roll out etc.

    At this point anything is possible.


    The hostname is resolving. The webserver is serving up HTTP ERROR 500 – Misconfigured Server “Various server faults can also cause this error like a failed disk or nonfunctional software module. Simply, the 500 Internal Server Error is a general http status code that means something has gone wrong on the website’s server”

    CRED Cryptocurrency‏ @creditsenergy 11h11 hours ago More

    http://cred.energy should be live in a couple hours. Due to maintenance, Apologies for any inconvenience. Now you will be able to checkout with multiple cryptos on the checkout page via coinpayments. Currently there is a sale until we publish how many coins we will burn.

    CRED Cryptocurrency‏ @creditsenergy 8h8 hours ago More

    Our tech support says worst case scenario 24 hours. So 21 hours left max. Thank you for your patience.

    Screen Shots:


    1. HTTP Error Code 500 is now replaced with a blank html file.

      DNS and HTTPS Servers – all systems nominal.

      No php / worpress / asp / jsp etc. seen as of yet on main index directory as of yet.

      Seem there is no configured live site as of yet except for a blank HTML.

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