Credits.Energy Update May 4th 2018

Credits.Energy Update – Public email Update

We’d like to start out by thanking all of you for your support and for your desire to participate in the Credits.Energy project as we leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency to exercise responsible energy production and the preservation of Earth’s natural resources. This affects all of us. No matter where you live or what your political, religious, or familial beliefs are, we ALL depend on energy derived from this planet’s resources.


What’s going on with the project?

This has been a humbling experience for everyone on the team, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from all of our supporters. We continue to devote our time and efforts to developing the tech and framework required to deliver a solid project, and everyone is working hard to meet the timeline milestones. There’s been tremendous progress made on the mobile mining feature, token, web wallet, and iOS app, as well as on social media. We are, in fact, ahead of schedule on the iOS app (Twitter Announcement), but we recognize social media updates have been in shortage, and unfortunately we also lost access to our Telegram channel.


What are we going to do about it?

Justin Farmer, who was brought onto the team to support developer Bidhan Baral and also manage social media, quickly proved his worth and took over primary developer duties. This left a hole we have only recently been able to adequately fill (Scroll down to Torin Tostanoski) to maintain our social media. We hope you’ll bear with us as we transition to our NEW TELEGRAM PAGE where we launched our first of several social media airdrops: proceed to our Telegram Airdrop pinned at the top of the page. As a thank you, we’re GIVING 100 CRED to everyone who participates in the airdrop.  Look for future airdrops on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms.


What’s new since the last update?

We’re incredibly excited to formally announce that our iOS app is LIVE IN THE APP STORE!  The current version 0.0.30 has all the features of the Android App and will allow you to send and receive CRED between iOS, Android, and the Web Wallet.

The Web Wallet ( is also LIVE on our website and will sync with your email. FINALLY, you can buy, send, and receive CRED using your desktop, Android or Apple applications!


Is the project still following the timeline?

The project is still following along the timeline as expected, with one change. Due to the increased volatility in the cryptocurrency market in late January – early April, like many other projects we are extending the ICO through the end of May. Bitcoin is now gaining support over $8,000 and altcoins should begin recovering their losses against BTC in the coming weeks. This is a phenomenal time to be releasing our token, as market confidence will once again begin to climb.


What else is in the works?

Many of you have asked about Airdrops and Bounties. We’re pleased to announce that BOTH are coming soon! In addition to the 100 CRED airdrop mentioned above on Telegram, we’ll be airdropping CRED on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. . . as well as Bounties for sharing with your friends. If you’re following our project timeline, you’ll see that we also anticipate the Mobile Miner to be released in the next 4 weeks for the virtual miner, and 8 weeks for the CPU miner.


Who has joined the project recently?

Our growth over the last few weeks has begun to increase exponentially, and we’ve brought some new people in to help things stay on target. The cryptocurrency space puts an enormous amount of ‘value’ in the presence, frequency, and volume of social media postings and participancy. To help us better navigate and capitalize off of these tools, we’ve engaged Torin Tostanoski. Torin will be working on social media, as well as helping Justin and Bidhan with Dev duties. We’ve also brought in customer service veterans Steven Crider and Mitch Hankins to help answer your questions, tend to wallet issues, assist with additional marketing efforts and to support Rick with his expanding duties as CEO.


Torin Tostanoski Mitch Hankins Steven Crider
Social Media Analyst/Coordinator Blockchain/Software Developer Sr. Product Analyst
Torin was born and raised in Colorado Springs with a love for math and science that led him to a field in Software, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering.


Torin has been pursuing a computer science degree with complimentary courses completed in Mechanical and Chemical engineering, all while spending the last couple years promoting several marketing companies with a focus on Information Technology.


His dream is to utilize his cumulative gained experience toward designing and building a sustainable world for the future generations.

Mitch grew up in the Netherlands, where he started tinkering with computers and taking everything apart before he could crawl.

He enlisted in the Air Force and subsequently became an Air Traffic Controller.


Since then, he has worked as an independent programmer until joining the Credits Team, where a passion of technology, programming, and blockchain fluently came together.


Mitch spends most of his free time programming and studying new technologies, all while enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoor scenery with his two huskies.

With a degree in Computer Science, Steven has spent his entire career in the Information Technology field managing teams, departments, and projects for over 25 years.


Working in a variety of industries, including software development, flavor creation, real estate and retail manufacturing, Steven prides himself on integrity and building trust with customers and colleagues.


Steven will be involved with customer support, marketing, and social media campaigns. We are excited for what he brings to the team.

Lastly, if you sent an inquiry via the “Contact Us” page on the website in the last several days, you may have noticed it hasn’t been answered. We updated our services to accommodate all the new participants coming into the project and didn’t realize the “Contact Us” page needed to be manually redirected after the DNS changes. We apologize for this oversight and assure you that one of Torin and Mitch’s first jobs will be to respond to each and every unanswered submittal.

That’s it for now. We’re super excited to be sharing this experience with you and can’t wait to see what the future brings! Don’t forget to join our new Telegram channel and other social media pages for news and updates, and keep an eye out for upcoming Bounties so you can earn free CRED. Together we can make a difference!

With respect and appreciation,

Rick Floyd

Rick Floyd, CEO A Credits Cryptocurency Investors and Community Site.

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